Frank Flöthmann


Heroes without Words
Being the latest addition to Frank’s series without words this book is beautifully printed in black, red and silver.
Shakespeare without Words
Frank deprives five of William Shakespeare’s plays of their words. Printed Black, Green and Gold this book is aimed at the graphically sophisticated non-reader.
Silent Night
The Christmas story leaves a lot to the reader’s imagination. Frank fills in the gaps with details previously unknown in his rendition of the silent night.
Men without Words
Frank originally developed this comic strip series for Men’s Health magazine. It was later continued in Das Magazin. This anthology contains all the strips in extended versions.
Grimm’s Fairy Tales without Words
Frank’s debut comic book was a surprise success. His versions of twelve supposedly well known stories offer boiled-down plots, alternative endings, surprising twists.
Mexican on a bicycle
This is Franks clean and simple take on the art of the droodle (doodle + riddle). Don’t let the CGI fool you. The book is a work in progress. #droodelicious
Luther nails it - Flipbook
The world wasn’t the same after Martin Luther’s posting of his theses. Frank depicts the ground-breaking event in this flipbook, adding some previously unknown details, .
Sleepless in Nazareth - Flipbook
Once upon a time in the middle of the night in the most famous patchwork family of the world. This is Frank’s flipbook for all your Christmasses and the time inbetween.
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